Welcome to Utrackr

Become an active user!  Win prizes.  Utrackr is a new app that helps UD Students track their workouts and find available equipment at the Lil Bob. Using NFC technology, Utrackr provides real-time information on gym usage and enables users to log their workouts and set goals. Plus, every day you complete a 30-minute cardio workout, users will be entered into a monthly lottery to win prizes like AirPods Pro and gift certificates to local stores and restaurants.

To use Utrackr, simply open the app when you approach an available piece of cardio equipment, look for the Utrackr NFC tag, tap the Utrackr button on the app, then bring the top of your phone near the tag. Select the amount of time you want to workout and you are ready to go! You can add or subtract time in 5 minute increments during your workout by tapping the + or – button. Once your set workout time has expired, just tap the finish workout button and enter the miles you have accomplished.

Virtual Queue. If your favorite equipment is all in use, don’t worry! Utrackr has a virtual queue feature that lets you add yourself to a waiting list for busy machines. Just select the type and location of the equipment you want to use, and the Utrackr “View” feature will show you how many are available. Tap on the “add to queue” button and you’ll be notified when it’s your turn to use a specific piece of equipment. You’ll have 5 minutes to get to the machine and tap in. This virtual queue feature only works when you are at the gym and you have your location turned on in the Utrackr app. 

Win prizes for working out! For each day in the month that you have 30 minutes or more of cumulative cardio workouts captured in the Utrackr app, you’ll be entered into a lottery to win prizes. If you workout 10 times in a month for 30+ minutes, you’ll be entered 10 times to win that month’s prizes. Prizes will include gift certificates to local stores and restaurants, and maybe even an iPad. You can find your past workouts on the history tab in the app, or by tapping on the profile icon.  The calendar view will show green dots for days with 30+ minutes.  Now let’s getting working out and win some prizes!

Help, questions or comments – email: info@utrackr.com (please use your University email)

Videos of these features below:

Start a workout
End Workout
Virtual Queue