Workout Feature

Select the Workout feature and tap on the Cardio tile to choose from any cardio equipment that is offered at your facility and see what is available.

Scroll through the equipment list and see what is available in real time. Use your geo location in-app feature to find the nearest available equipment in one of the multiple workout facilities on your campus.

View the availability, location, and description of equipment type. Click into “view” to see a mapped arrangement of similar equipment.

Click on the Utrackr logo when on the equipment page to access NFC feature. Tap your device to the labeled sticker on the equipment to begin a session.

Facilities Feature

Select the Facilities feature and scroll to see the workout facilities offered by your College or University. View hours of operation 

After selecting facility, scroll to see what the facility has to offer. View availability of basketball courts, racquetball courts, pools, rock walls, and studios for fitness classes.